10th Annual Walk for Mental Wellness

Tips for Raising Money

Thursday, February 2, 2017 by Event Administrator

Don't forget to ask everyone you meet to support you in your Walk. Ask them for $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask your co-workers, family and friends, your hair dresser or barber, your mail carrier, your kids' teachers, your clients, your baker, your favorite store owners and others you interact with regularly!

Every dollar you raise helps a child, senior or family right here in our community. Help us to help others!

When you register, you will designate your user name and it will be used as part of a web link to your fundraising page.

For example, the link to my fundraising page was set up as http://mhafred.dojiggy.com/ernestackermann.

You use that link to raise funds.

To get people to support you be sure to tell them to go to http://mhafred.dojiggy.com followed by your registration name and then click on 'Donate Now". It is that easy. Your supporters can leave comments on that page too.

I send an email to friends, and send messages on Facebook and Twitter asking them to donate using my dojiggy link.

You may want to reset your fundraising goal. Keep it high so people keep donating.

Go to http://mhafred.org/walk.

Click on Login in the upper right corner, enter your login name and password.

This image may help you see what you need to do to rest your goal

Everyone is encouraged to raise as much as they can. Prizes will be awarded to individuals and teams who raise the most money.

Are you on Facebook? You can ask your friends from around the country or the world to support you in the walk.

Send email to ernestackermann@mhafred.org if you want some help using Facebook or the Internet  to raise funds.



About MHAF

Thursday, February 2, 2017 by Event Administrator


Mental Health America Fredericksburg VA exists to improve people’s mental health and wellness

through education, advocacy and supportive services.


Community Impact

Mental health issues affect about 25% of the people in our community every day. These include people of all ages and income levels, and research shows that untreated mental health conditions can cause significant problems for individuals, families, businesses and communities. Mental Health America Fredericksburg (MHAF) is a local non-profit organization celebrating its 60th year in the Fredericksburg region that helps people with mental health issues. We receive no State or Federal funding, yet we provide FREE programs and services to children and adults of all ages in our community, including:


  • Connecting over 400 people each month with needed resources and treatment services through our HelpLine, the only free mental health information and referral service in our region.
  • Providing suicide prevention training to over 3000 local high school students in 2014.
  • Providing over 100 isolated, elderly citizens with free, weekly in-home visits by trained volunteers through our Senior Visitors program.
  • Organizing support groups and providing education and advocacy for individuals with mental health issues.


Because MHAF does not charge fees to anyone and no services are billed for reimbursement, we need your financial help to keep up all of the good work we do in the community. We invite you to join other businesses and organizations in our community in support of the 10th annual Mental Health Walk on May 13, 2017. There are several ways you can help:


  • Become a Mental Health Walk Sponsor. Please see attached sheet for more information.
  • Organize a team of walkers from your business or organization.
  • Participate in the Walk with family and friends.


At Mental Health America Fredericksburg VA, we focus on our mission. The money we raise stays in the Fredericksburg community, and every dollar we raise goes to helping people with mental health needs. By providing financial support or in-kind donations, you will be supporting your community and making a difference for people facing mental health issues where you work and live.

We need your help to continue this important work!

MHAF receives no state or federal funding; no fees are charged to anyone; no services are billed for reimbursement. Our ability to respond to the many people who count on us each day depends on the support of people like you.

"The word philanthropy has its roots in the Greek language meaning "love for mankind." It was never meant to apply only to donors of thousands or millions of dollars."
— Arthur Frantzreb
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